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Occupational Therapy for special needs kids

Occupational therapy (OT) is One of the most trusted service, that a child with special needs might qualify for. OT is a type of treatment that helps a kid achieve independence in all areas of his life such as cognitive, physical, and motor skills, while building self-esteem. Children with special needs do not always suffer from physical disabilities. Sometimes, it can be learning issues, dependency, behavioral problems, and anger. OT can help in the form of learning how to release anger and reflect on this behavior after. 

Benefits of occupational therapy: 

Children with special needs may benefit in the following ways: 

  1. Improve gross motor & fine motor skills and  muscle strength,
  1. Help the child with pre-writing skills.
  1. Learn about social skills 
  1. Improve the quality of life 
  2. Balance and coordination
  3. body awareness, 
  4. sensory regulation, 
  5. greater independence with participation in school and self-care. 


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